Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Growing Organic Vegetables With Aquaponics

Do you struggle with getting your plants to grow without chemicals? If you are looking for a way to grow plants organically, you may want to give aquaponics gardening a try. Aquaponics gardening is a great way to grow plants without the use of harsh chemicals. You and your family can experience organically grown plants, and you may even get some fish in the process, too.

With aquaponics gardening, you won’t need to use any chemicals on your plants. Since you’ll be using the natural waste of your fish as a source of nutrients, your plants will flourish in an organic manner. Organic food is considered better for you than plants that are grown with chemicals. In order for your plants to get the nutrients that they need, you’ll need to have a grow bed for your plants. Your plants’ roots will be placed in a tub that contains the water from your fish tank. Your plants will absorb all of the nutrients from the water, leaving you with clean water that can go back into your fish tank. With this system, you’ll be raising plants that don’t require chemicals along with fish that you and your family can enjoy.

When choosing the plants that you’d like to grow, you have a large selection of herbs, vegetables, and fruits. In an aquaponic system, plants that are leafy and green, such as lettuce or cabbage, tend to fair very well in this type of system. Most fruit, veggies, and herbs will do well in your garden. The only plants that don’t do well are plants that are root based, such as carrots. Since an aquaponic system doesn't use soil, the root plants won’t do well. If you do try to grow root plants, you may end up with plants that are misshapen, and they will be difficult for you to harvest.

With certain plants, you’ll be able to harvest them faster with an aquaponics system. Certain vegetables, herbs, and fruits will grow faster in this type of system. The reason for this is because your plants will always have the water and nutrients that they need. With a traditional garden, your plants will only receive water when you water them or it rains. In warm conditions, plants in a traditional soil garden will absorb the water fast, resulting in a quick intake of the water and dry conditions until the next time there is water available. You don’t have this problem in an aquaponics system; therefore, your plants will always be getting water and nutrients which gives you a plant that is growing more.

Using aquaponics gardening can be a great way to have an organic garden. You will see benefits from not using chemicals, not using a lot of water, and not having to maintain a garden in the way that you would maintain a traditional one. If you try aquaponic gardening, you could have plants and fish to provide food for you. You will be able to save money each month since you’ll be growing a part of your food each month.

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